1. Use Multiple lights

Use multiple light sources to spread light around the room. Create a layered lighting scheme with a mix of ceiling lights, wall lights, and lamps. It will also help eliminate dense areas of shade. Layered lighting effectively provides additional interest while increasing the room’s dimensions. Illuminating the different heights within a room by using lamps on tables, walls and ceilings, helps create a sense of space.

2. Utilize Glass and Lucite

The most effective trick is placing a large mirror opposite a light source such as a window, backlight, or table lamp. The reflected image and light instantly make the dimensions of your room seem to double. A full-length mirror helps make a small bedroom look more attractive. By using materials that you can see through, anything beyond will appear farther away.

3. Paint the Ceiling with Sky color

Blue skies brighten the world. By painting the ceiling a light blue, designer Rodney Lawrence created an optical illusion that opens up this Quogue, New York, living room.

4. Clean Windows

This one seems a tad obvious, but simply cleaning your windows can have a major effect on how much sunlight streams into the room. The less dirt, dust, and splatters on your windows, the more sunshine can peek into your room.

5. Illuminate Shelves

By using this subtle form of illumination, you’ll help increase the feeling of space around your room while drawing attention to attractive paintings, ornaments and books.

6. Use Dimmer Switches

Put primary light sources on dimmer switches so you can brighten a room as the light changes throughout the day.

7. Rearrange Furniture

When furniture and accessories block the view into a room, it will look cramped. By moving furniture out and away from walkways, you’ll open up the space and make it feel larger. You can also choose short pieces of furniture like an ottoman, an armless open chair, or a low table, and place large, tall pieces along a wall rather than out in the open space. If you can see the floor, the room will look larger.

8. Choose the Right Fabrics

Heavy fabrics like wool, velvet, and fur have a big presence and can make a room feel overdecorated. Lighter picks, such as cotton, linen, and lace, draw less attention to themselves, which can help a small room feel more open and bright.

9. Hang Curtains Properly

When you install a curtain rod, make sure it extends beyond either side of the window casing. Not only will the windows look bigger, but when the curtains are open they won’t block the glass or the incoming light.

10. Backlighting and Depth

The areas to concentrate on include the dark spaces lurking behind sofas or large houseplants. Small strips of LED lighting can easily be placed behind these objects to cast a soft pool of light at the back of them.

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