Keeping your windows in a shiny state isn’t as difficult as it may seem and can be made easier when you follow these five helpful hacks. Remember that these tips are only to be used for interior cleaning. Always leave any hard to reach windows that would require a ladder to the professionals. As pleasant as it is to have clean windows, it isn’t worth sacrificing your safety for.

1. Newspaper

Print media may be dying, by the application of newspaper around the home is not. Using newspaper to clean glass makes for a smudge free surface. Remember to use gloves to keep your hands free from ink.

– Cleaning cloths and chamois are not very effective on windows. They smudge and dirty easily. You’ll have to go through several to clean your whole house.
– Paper towels are an expensive and ineffective cleaning method. They are also very wasteful, and are not often made from recycled paper.
– Newspaper is inexpensive and made from pulped, recycled paper, leading to less environmental impact than other methods.


Most people want the bright shine of a clean window but avoid cleaning it because they are afraid of creating unsightly streaks. Streaks are the bane of window cleaners everywhere! The best weapon against evil streaks is a good squeegee. Handling a squeegee can be tricky so watch a few YouTube videos on proper squeegeeing techniques and practice!

You can purchase a small squeegee for inside your home from most home improvement stores. Window Genie loves the Unger and Ettore brands – you can easily find them online at Amazon. Remember to wipe the blade between each swipe and change it when it gets dull. This will keep your windows brighter and streak free.

3. Use microfiber towel

Microfiber must be the fiber of choice for window cleaning experts since ALL of the experts recommended finishing up the job of cleaning windows with a microfiber cloth. (So I guess I better buy some!)

Using your microfiber cloth, wipe up any excess moisture, especially around the window frame and corners.

Making sure the windows dry quickly help prevent water spots and streaks from forming.

4. Window cleaning solution

When you hear “homemade cleaners” do you roll your eyes before you go back to your Pine Sol and Windex? Some home-brewed cleaners can be a tricky balance of water, ammonia, and other random household liquids. To clean your windows though, all you need is water, vinegar, and dish soap. Two parts water to one part vinegar and a few drops of dish-washing liquid will suffice, although there are plenty of different measurements that will all yield positive results.

Spray (but don’t drench) your windows with this cleaner before wiping it away. Then rinse your window with a small amount of water to avoid any film build up from the dish soap. Be careful to avoid adding too much dish soap to your formula for this reason.

Bonus Homemade Cleaner Hack: Check out this blog post we wrote on how to clean your windows outside during winter when it’s below freezing!

5. window scrubber

Once you have mixed your window washing solution, it’s time to loosen tough dirt and grime and wash the glass. And secret to the best way to do it? Use the correct tool. To clean the glass, the experts all held a scrubber with a handle. None of the experts used cloths, paper towels or newspaper. (Whoopsy, I was using cloths and paper towels)

Don’t already have a window scrubber? Make sure you buy one that has a microfiber sleeve, and is machine-washable and reusable like this one manufactured by Unger, a Midwest-based company with roots back to the 1930s in Detroit. It’s available in various sizes on Amazon with a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from almost 150 reviews as of February 2020.

6. Detailing

The beauty is in the details. In the grand task in cleaning, it’s easy to overlook the minute details. Once you’ve completed your big once-over, go back and look at the little spots that you may have missed.

– Toothbrushes and non-gel toothpastes make for a great spot cleaner.
– Use an old rag to remove water from around the edges of your sill.
– Rubbing alcohol will go a long way to removing adhesive residue.
– Old dryer sheets also do a marvellous job at spot cleaning.

7. The Devil is in the Details

When it comes to windows, the perfection is in the details. It isn’t enough to have a window that you can see out of; you want to be able to see perfectly out of it from any angle, at any time of day. To avoid water marks on the edges, wipe your cleaner or water with a microfiber towel or even a Q-tip. If you have the remains of a sticker or decal on your window, rubbing alcohol will help to get the gunk off. Look through your window at every detail to get it cleaned to perfection.

8. Window Screen Spray

When cleaning the windows, you can’t go without cleaning the window screens, too. They can get very dirty and dusty and they are not the easiest thing to clean. They can be easily damaged if pushed too hard.

But there’s a solution! This is one of the smartest window cleaning tips I’ve ever read. A DIY window screen spray that dissolves dust and leaves your window screens looking refreshed with no rinsing required.

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