Whether you’re looking for a new design for your front entry, a solution for your side yard or you’re just wanting to add stepping stones in your garden, check out these great ideas for walkways and pathways. All of the ideas below are simply exquisite, but there is one idea that I would change slightly. The feature that does not fit my style is the walkway in the second image. The stones are a bit too small for my taste, I love the idea of the small stones, but I prefer larger stepping stones that actually provide you with a place to walk. This image makes me think that the stones in the design could easily become loose and become a hazard for guests to walk across.

A gravel path

This one is a simple, natural-looking and inexpensive garden project. Gravel is a traditional path material used throughout the world, and to make such a walkway, one has to dig down a few inches, making space for the pebbles. They can take many shapes, and is not prone to cracking and heaving. This means that appropriate base is paramount to its structure and stability, while the edge helps in containing it. When it comes to the width and the material between the edges, there is a freedom of choice, so gardeners should get their creative juices flowing. Some people opt for lava stones, crushed granite or cast-off shells.

The Boardwalk Path

This first garden path is a narrow walkway that is lined with cement edging. The path winds between the reeds, and it has rectangular shaped stepping stones that are fairly centralized. Small pebbles are placed around the stepping stones to complete the path and give it a look that resembles a boardwalk.

Stone medallions

For a great accent pathway, people need not look any further than stone medallions. These pieces are inserted in a pre-existing path, meaning that the spot should be cleared and the soil stamped. Some necessary tools in the arsenal are miter saw, hammer, tamper, measuring tape, and polished pebbles. The process starts with creating a square border with strips, as well as installing quadrants and sections that form a diamond shape in the middle. Next, fill the inner space with sand and insert polished pebbles. Their size and color are means of assembling patterns that spark attention and draw the eye to the ground.

Paver Path

Another cool DIY garden path idea is to make use of Pavers. These are usually cut stone in the shape of rectangular bricks and lined up and placed tightly together. They can be incredibly durable and can withstand heavy abuse even. Depending on the side of your pathway, you can create magnificent designs just by how you place the bricks.

Stepping stones

Those who hit the wall with creative ideas can let the stepping stones lead the way. The mainspring of this project is an appropriate mold. It is possible to utilize a plastic planter sauces or even cake pans and other household items. What comes next is mixing up the concrete and spooning it into the mold. Tap around the outside, remove any air bubbles, and leave it for an hour before moving to decoration and painting. Now wait for a day to let the concrete dry. One can make many different stepping stones, from those that look like buttons, to tiles that resemble Nintendo Entertainment system.

Wooden Step Path

Here’s a twist to your regular gravel path. The wooden step path, for this you’ll need to add wooden planks every so often along the gravel path. It adds rustic appeal and levels to your path and may be perfect for gardens with an uneven land.

A mosaic pathway

For something off the beaten path, embrace the art of making mosaics. They serve as an unexpected, whimsical outdoor focal point, but usually take more time than other projects. Pull together a gravel mosaic with colorful pebbles, or go for a bohemian arrangement on the larger section of the pathway. Note that a variety of colors is not an absolute must for mosaics. Stunning patterns can be created with one color of differently-sized and aligned stones. In any case, a mosaic path transforms unappealing gardens into favorite places for hanging out and causes quite a stir in the neighborhood.

Planted Path

This is similar to a regular garden path. However, this path doesn’t require a firm base, which makes the steps easier. Also no need to place edging as you will use plants to cover the gaps between the stones. You can use flat surface stones (for example, flagstones) of different sizes. Place them evenly along your path. You will need to dig a bit to get the stones firmly planted in. In the gaps between the stones, grow grass or ground cover plants.

Sandstone solution

When thinking outside the box, one finds a plethora of amazing options. One of the greatest solutions is to acquire some quality sandstone tiles. They are a visual treat, although gardeners must cut them to fit into the pathway. Depending on their thickness, a chisel and a hammer or power tools are required. Cleaning the edges is crucial before laying the tiles down and ensuring they are held firmly in the place. Some people decide to make different shapes, and use sandstone to make stepping stones. The letter allows creative touches like leaving few-inch gaps between tiles to cover them with small flowers.

Rock solid ideas

Garden stone paths come in a wide array of styles that fit any taste and outline. They can be a nice finishing touch or a majestic focal point that turns around the aesthetic value of the garden. Stone is a durable material, but also versatile enough to offer many possibilities, from mosaic-tiled pathway to simple gravel lanes. The choice should complement the symphony of colors present, and landscape design. So, let the creativity illuminate your path through the garden and treat yourself with a mesmerizing outdoor environment in which to spend some quality time.

Pallet Walkway

This garden path idea uses wood pallets placed one after the other, though leaving a small space in between. To do this, you’ll need to firmly place the wooden pallets along the desired path. The gap also allows the plants to grow in between to create a more earthy feel for the path or walkway.

Brick Pathway

Bricks are another material that can be used for creating amazing garden pathways. You can play with the patterns as well.

The Path of Forgotten Memories

The final garden path on this list is one that is unique in every way. It uses somewhat large stepping stones, but the path goes right through the pond in the midst of this amazing garden. There is even a lantern that is positioned on a stone to light your way through the dark.

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