Are all grills created equal? Certainly not. Some of them work with gas, some with electricity. Outdoor grills rely on charcoal or other heat sources. There’s no denying, however, that all have the same purpose: making a delicious meal. Searing a steak or toasting a panini, a good griddle can handle many ingredients and recipes at once.

Breville Smart Grill vs Cuisinart Griddler

But how to tell the best griddle from the common ones apart? Well, there are a few notable points to take into consideration. Let’s analyze two big-name brands and their heavyweight champions. Breville smart grill vs Cuisinart Griddler, which one will reign supreme?

What Is The Difference Between Breville Smart Grill vs Cuisinart Griddler?

There are a few notable differences between Breville smart grill vs Cuisinart Griddler. But also some similarities. Understanding each one is an essential part of making a purchase. The following features are some of the most relevant aspects to consider.


Both grills share some similar characteristics, but with some distinctions. Breville smart grill has a very good build quality, sober and minimalistic design. The two knobs on the front complement the black/silver color scheme well. There is also an LCD screen that changes color according to the grill temperature.

Cuisinart’s elite grill looks almost like a commercial-grade machine. The brushed stainless steel gives it a sleek and elegant style and the beveled edges add a fancy finish. The blue electronic display is a nice contrasting visual. It works well with the overall aesthetic keeping things clean and simple.

Grill Plate

Plates are practically the same. The griddle by Cuisinart has removable and reversible plates with non-stick surfaces ready for high-temperature searing. Breville grill plates are made from cast aluminum with titanium coating. Not reversible but easy to remove.


Reaching high enough temperatures is crucial for indoor grills. On this matter, Cuisinart and Breville have no apparent differences, except one. Both can hit the 500° mark, with variable settings like low, searing, panini mode, or grill. But, the Griddler by Cuisinart has dual temperature controls for each plate. This is perfect for preparing many meals and recipes at once.

Height Control

Six adjustable height settings are present in the two griddles. The lower settings work well with delicate foods. It prevents toppings from being pressed out of sandwiches too. Besides cooking, controlling the height also helps with storing, maximizing available space.


There aren’t many differences in size. The Breville model is a bit longer and heavier (almost 19 pounds). The reason can be attributed to the stainless steel housing and die-cast arms. Cuisinart, however, is two inches wider but lighter in weight. The official measures are 16x14x5 for Breville and 14.65×16.22×8.1 for Cuisinart. Pretty similar build.

Drip Tray

Unlike older electrical grills, drip trays are now integrated into the griddles. Breville grill can be tilted at an angle to drain the grease into the dishwasher-safe receptacle. Cuisinart has the same drip tray mechanism with the inclusion of a scraping tool. Good for in-depth cleaning.


These indoor grills are incredibly versatile. The Cuisinart panini grill has a large 240 square inch cooking surface. It can fit many preparations when it’s fully open. The Breville griddle can be used for sandwiches, steaks, and everything in between. Open-faced melts and small sliders are easy to cook thanks to the height settings. The best part of all? The ribbed surfaces, for those beautiful grilling marks! As the ancient quote goes: “the first taste is always with the eyes”.

Clean Up

Since all plates are removable cleaning is not a hard task. There is no need to add oil when cooking thanks to the nonadhesive surfaces, so plates won’t be greasier. Using the dishwasher is a safe option to clean. But always remember to let them cool down for about 30 minutes first.

1. Breville BGR 820XL


This is the first device on this Breville smart grill vs Cuisinart Griddler battle. One of the main features of this Breville indoor grill is the consistent temperature. Breville tries to replicate an outdoor experience indoors. For this, it uses something called Element IQ technology. The grill electronically detects any heat loss and then rapidly heats to compensate.

No need to worry about placing cold ingredients on the surface of the plates. Its 1800 watts of power will take care of that.

A key difference with the majority of electric grills is the heating element. This tick twisted wire that works like a resistor, is usually exposed. That means the electric current flows through it, radiating heat. But also losing some in the process. Breville’s Smart Grill has integrated heating elements. With this, the grill needs much less time to heat, and less time to cook overall. The searing is much more efficient, therefore the meat cooks tenderly. Sandwiches also come out more crispy on the outside.

This grill comes with a ribbed and a flat plate. They are interchangeable and can even be used at the same time by opening the grill all the way. Making breakfast is child’s play. Sunnyside up eggs on one plate, crispy bacon on the other. Don’t want two different surfaces? Extra plates are available for individual purchase.

Using this machine is simple enough. Two dials control temperature and time, and one button switches Fahrenheit to celsius. This prevents any possible wrong input. A safety measure is also included. If the grill runs for an hour straight without temperature changes, it will shut off.

Once it is off and the food is done, the machine needs sanitizing. For that, being gentle with the plates is a must. Any hard scrubbing or improper handling could make the coating come off. So keep that steel wool far, far away.

Portable, but somewhat heavy, Breville still hit all the right notes with this device. So a little carry weight is no biggie. Experiencing outdoor cooking all year, in any type of weather.


  • Easy to set up and cook
  • There’s no need to add oil. Great for a healthier nutrition
  • It works perfectly with meat, fish, or vegetables
  • The grease tray is big enough for multiple batches
  • Good for single people or families


  • The cord should have been placed on the side to avoid grease dripping
    Hefty price
  • It is not a silent device. It has a low level (but persistent) noise when it is on that could be annoying for some people
  • The buttons, knobs, and the display screen can be hard to clean

2. Cuisinart GR-300WS Elite


Perhaps the most noticeable characteristic of the Elite Grill is the temperature control. Each plate has independent temperature regulators that provide more stable cooking. Very useful when cooking soft pancakes on one side and a country sausage on the other. The LED screen on the front displays each temperature, although only in Fahrenheit. The plates are reversible and have one ribbed and one flat side.

However, they are not interchangeable. The top plate goes on top, and the bottom is always on the bottom. The good thing is that it is BPA-free, so there are no harmful plastics that can mess with the food. Just like the Breville grill, plates can be removed for cleaning. They are heavy since the heating element is built into them.

Its simplicity of use makes it ideal for everyday meals. This grill can prepare lunch or dinner in 30 minutes or less. The height control comes in handy when toasting or grilling sandwiches. It can heat up to 500 degrees with six different presets to choose from.

One small aspect to consider is that the grill bumps are quite thick. The grilling markings will not be exactly like a regular outdoor grill. However, this is purely aesthetic.

As a final note, something to keep in mind is that it can generate quite a bit of smoke. A fair warning for marinated meat lovers.

A reliable and strong grill, the “Elite” name fits in well.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Big cooking surface
  • Can cook almost anything
  • Simple to operate
  • Reversible plates mean less storage space


  • Replacement plates are expensive
  • The lid holder only supports it from one side, which makes the lid hang lower on the left side
  • The warm setting is somewhat slow
  • Grease can get under the tray since its a bit small
  • The latch to lock positions can be sort of feeble

More Breville Smart Grill vs Cuisinart Griddler

The previous models were only two types of grills. The Griddler and electric appliances market is extensive and vast. Now, let’s keep checking some other alternatives and their most important attributes.

1. Cuisinart 5 in 1 Griddler

The Cuisinart multifunctional Griddler can cook almost everything. Three selectors on the front regulate temperature and functions. A light indicator turns red when it is heating and green when it is ready to cook. It is more compact and lightweight than other Cuisinart models, therefore more portable. With 13 inches long, 11 inches wide, and 7 inches tall, fits on any kitchen counter without issue.

Opening the griddle all the way gives an almost 200 square inches cooking surface. One thing to notice is that the cover doesn’t have a height adjuster and floats over the bottom plate. Sometimes the temperature can drop a couple of degrees, so frying an egg to perfection can be tricky. However, this griddle excels in grilling chicken and toasting paninis. Good looking (and tasty) results are guaranteed with the Cuisinart 5 in 1 Griddler!


  • Reversible plates with different surfaces
  • Enclosed grease tray, no outside dripping
  • Easy to clean, the cooking plates are dishwasher safe


  • Side buttons are plastic, they can break after a while
  • Heating can take more time than specified on the manual
  • The metal on the outside of the grill can get hot during the cooking process

2. Cuisinart Electric Griddler

Made almost entirely from stainless steel, this Cuisinart Griddler has an intuitive design. It has only one knob to adjust the temperature, time, and mode plus one on/off button. The digital display shows every setting plus a countdown timer. So checking when everything is ready is easy and convenient.

The style and finish are minimalistic and elegant. The circular knob doesn’t have any labels and the stainless steel gives it a very clean polished look. It is only 8 inches long, 16 wide, and 13 tall, so it is smaller than other units. Nonetheless, cooking for a whole family wouldn’t be a problem. A very interesting option on the Breville smart grill vs Cuisinart Griddler showdown.


  • Scraping tool included
  • The LCD screen is big and easy to read
  • Reversible plates that can be removed with no effort to clean and store


  • The on/off button is a bit flimsy and can fall off if pressed too hard
  • The timer beeps when it is done, but it doesn’t turn off
  • Plate edges should have a higher level to prevent spills

3. Breville Panini Grill

This Breville panini press is a solid and consistent machine. It heats evenly and fast. The seven preset positions provide a balanced weight distribution of the top plate. This ensures perfect cooking on both sides, regardless of the ingredients. It is quite a sturdy machine (17 by 7 by 14 inches) made with cast aluminum fixed plates and stainless steel. It has one single switch to power on and off and one dial for adjusting the temperature. A reliable grill with a decent cooking surface that will cook or sear everything in minutes. What more could one ask?


  • Adjustable legs for flat or inclined surface
  • Simple and clear light indicators
  • Large and easy to clean drip tray


  • No flat surface, everything will come out with a “grilled” look
  • There is only one temperature regulator for both plates
  • Opening 180 degrees for a bigger cooking surface is not possible
  • The on/off switch is somewhat delicate and could fail in time

4. Cuisinart Griddler Deluxe

Like the Elite model, this Cuisinart indoor grill has almost the same functionalities. Removable plates that can be reversed, six cooking options, and dual temperature controls. So far so good. Now, two main things set the Elite and the Deluxe apart.

The heating element on the Deluxe model is exposed under the plates and there is no display panel. Adjusting the right temperature is not as precise but still has separate knobs for that. Plus, a large cooking surface and low warm-up times are great advantages to have on a portable grill.


  • Flexible angled position for the grease to flow
  • Heats evenly
  • The reversible plates cover a wide spectrum of preparations without spending extra cash
  • Same functions as the Deluxe model


  • The drip tray is located on the back of the grill, and the grease can have a difficult time reaching there
  • The bottom plate can get hotter than the top one
  • Rivets that hold the top part in place can become loose with time

Wrapping up

Choosing between a Breville smart grill vs Cuisinart Griddler is not easy. But in the end, it is a matter of preference. Both brands are top tier with good customer service and very well-built products. One aspect that can lean the scale to the Cuisinart Griddler, Elite, Silver, GR-300WSP1 is the reversible plates.

Combining ribbed or flat surfaces is easy and done in less than a minute. Nevertheless, the Breville BGR820XL Smart Grill, Electric Countertop Grill, Brushed Stainless Steel. lives up to its name. The control panel has a color indication for temperature, mode, and time. It can also convert from Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa with just one button.