The ever-increasing fire incidents throughout the United States have made the general public skeptical about their security arrangements. One of the worries amongst many is properly safeguarding valuable items in their safes. But the question remains whether they are full proof or not.

What Is The Best Fireproof Document Safe For Home Use | Top Ten Safes

Amongst hundreds of safes available online we have come up with the best fireproof safe for home or office use. We have extensively researched the best ones and lists them out for you to make your decision-making a tiny bit easier. So let’s take a look at what is the ten best fireproof documents safe for home & office use.

1) SentrySafe Fireproof and Waterproof Safe – Editor’s Choice (No.1 Pick)

  • Dimensions – 0.82 Cubic Feet – 2.05 Cubic Feet
  • Weight – 77 lbs – 125 lbs
  • Material – Steel
  • Withstand Temperatures Up to – 1,700° F (926° C) for 1 hour
  • Warranty – Yes (1 Year)

Note – SentrySafe has various versions of this safe. Other than the weight, dimensions, and a few minor differences rest all the safes are more or less the same. Below we have given a basic review of this safe.

As is always the case SentrySafe yet again impresses with their security safes and is the best fireproof document safe for home & office use. Available in six different variants, the cheapest being a 0.82 cubic feet safe with dial combination. While the priciest is 2.05 cubic feet safe with a digital keypad.

It is UL classified to handle fire for about 1 hour at 1,700° F which is impressive. One of the reasons why this is our No.1 entry is because of the 1-hour duration; as most of the safes are around the 30 mins mark.

Not only that but it will ensure the interior temperatures are safe enough for not only your documents but other electronic items as well. This is due to the thick interior walls inside the safe which ensures the optimum temperature is maintained in case of a fire.


  • SentrySafe is a well-trusted brand in home safety.
  • Its duration to endure fire(for 1 hour) is better than almost any other fireproof safe available in the market.
  • Available in different sizes based on your needs with similar features across all safes.
  • ETL verified to ward off water for almost 24 hours if immersed 8 inches deep.
    Available in digital keypad and dial combination based on your preference.
  • It can endure a 15-foot fall and remain closed, so its impact-absorbing qualities are well off the charts considering its weight.
  • The safe door is reinforced for extra protection.
  • 4 one inch bolts to prevent forced entry from the outside.
  • Door pockets and an interior shelf for better internal organization.
  • One year warranty in addition to a replacement safe given in case the one bought is damaged in fire or floods.


  • Heavier than a lot of other conventional safes.

Final Verdict

Without giving much thought, you can surely go for it. WHY? Well simply because the features and the brand name associated with it are strong enough to ensure you sleep well at night.

TIP – Follow the instructions in the manual to set up the dial or keypad combination. Test the combination on the empty safe by closing and opening before putting your contents inside.

2) AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Box Safe with Keypad – Runner Up (Best Value For Money Safe)

  • Dimensions – 0.83 Cubic Feet – 2.1 Cubic Feet
  • Weight – 55 lbs – 90 lbs (depending on dimensions)
  • Material – Steel
  • Withstand Temperatures Up to – 1,200° F (649° C) for 20 minutes
  • Warranty – Yes (1 Year)

In second place is Amazon’s very own safe which is built like a tank. Now don’t let the brand name concern you too much as it is one of the most bought safes online. One of the best in terms of value for money, once bolted to the floor it is very much secure and immovable.

Available in three different sizes with a heavy and sturdy build to instill confidence amongst the buyers, this safe to our surprise has fared well in a lot of areas. Even though on a first look it might seem like just another safe.


  • Available in three different dimensions to fit your requirements.
  • Fireproof (1,200° F for 20 mins)rated by conducting tests as per modified UL 72 standards.
  • The easily visible keypad on the front for easier access, besides a backup key for emergency.
  • Includes free Amazon tech support to walk you through in case of any difficulty with handling, etc.
  • The inside shelf is adjustable so that one can easily adjust it according to their preference.


  • No official claim by the manufacturer so we can assume this safe is not waterproof.

Final Verdict

For a safe of its size and the fire-resistant ability it provides, this is much cheaper than a lot of regular safes that are not fireproof. So, if you’re looking for a basic safe you might be better off buying this one as it gives you the additional feature of being fireproof.

3) First Alert 2087F Waterproof 1 Hour Fire Safe with Combination Lock – Best Non-Digital Safe

  • Dimensions – 0.94 Cubic Feet – 1.31 Cubic Feet
  • Weight – 76.3 lbs – 93.5 lbs (depending on dimensions)
  • Material – Steel
  • Withstand Temperatures Up to – 1,700° F (926° C) for 1 hour
  • Warranty – Yes (5 Years)

Like Sentrysafe, First Alert is a brand that will walk into any security product review of ours solely on its brand name and reputation.

If there ever was a parameter on looks this safe would have comfortably blown away all its competitors.

Not only does it impresses us with its look but the combination lock on the front looks assuring as well. Of course, being made of metal also helps.

A 1-hour promise to keep the safe secure at 1,700° F is backed by tests. Electronic media can be kept inside without any worries, these are again verified by the manufacturers.

A removable and easily adjustable shelf is provided to make sure items can fit inside the safe exactly the way you want.


  • Dial combination is made of metal.
  • Completely waterproof safe and is made such that it will float in case of a flood so that it is easily spotted.
  • Unlike digital safes, there are no batteries involved. This means less of a worry for the owner to make regular checks on the safe.
  • Emergency Key is provided to help out the buyer just in case.


  • It takes some time to get used to the dial combination and it might feel complicated at first.
  • The handle is made of plastic and care must be taken while opening/closing the safe.

Final Verdict

If you are worried about the cons of a digital safe then this is the best option. You can just put your items away close them and forget about them. Unlike digital safes where batteries and other electronic components are directly involved.

4) Stack-On PFS-1608 Personal Steel Fireproof Safe with Electronic Lock – Classic Digital Safe For Handguns

  • Dimensions – 0.80 Cubic feet
  • Weight – 48.3 lbs
  • Material – Steel
  • Withstand Temperatures Up to – 1,400° F (760° C) for 30 minutes
  • Warranty – Yes (You may need to contact the manufacturer for this)

A good old-fashioned digital safe that is a perfect fit for handguns. The internal dimensions make it a good fit for anyone looking to store handguns. Despite being small compared to other safes, it can withstand 1,400° F for an impressive 30 minutes. Thus faring is better than a lot of heavier and pricier safes in the market. The electronic keypad on the front works great and with a button press, you can make the operation completely silent.


  • The interior is carpeted and its shelf is padded so that you can keep your guns and other items without worrying about corrosion.
  • The opening/closing of the door is seamless, this is quite an important factor especially considering how much these safes weigh.
  • What makes the opening/closing easier is the fact that it opens beyond 180 degrees.
  • Back-up key and batteries included.


  • The safe could be even thicker like the other ones we’ve mentioned above. It still does a pretty decent job but can do much better if the thickness is increased.

Final Verdict

Made especially to store ammo and handguns and if that’s what you are going to store then spend less and invest in this rather than the other ones. Not only handguns but other valuable items like rings, jewelry can be stored with ease because of the carpeted interior.

5) BUYaSafe WES2113-DF Fire Resistant Electronic Wall Safe – Best Fireproof Wall Safe

  • Dimensions – 28 x 20 x 12 inches
  • Weight – 49 lbs
  • Material – Steel
  • Withstand Temperatures Up to – 30 minutes but temperatures not specified by the manufacturer
  • Warranty – Yes (1 year)

So a wall safe finally makes our list. Wall safes are a personal preference for many as the threat of taking the safe off is eliminated. Their weight doesn’t matter here as these safes will go on the wall anyway. As with all the wall safes, the ease of taking/putting things will be a heck of a lot easier compared to your normal safes.

Though pricey once installed it is going to make your life much easier and can be treated as a wall cupboard rather than a safe.


  • This wall safe is equipped with an all velvet interior.
  • Better accessibility than normal safes.
  • It doesn’t take a lot of space and bolting issues are eliminated.
  • Easily hidden and thus hard to find for anti-social elements.
  • Extremely helpful for senior citizens as handling these are much easier compared to normal safes.
  • 4 AA batteries are included with this purchase.
  • LED Display.


  • A bit expensive than the other ones mentioned.
  • Not many companies are making fireproof wall safes so the options are limited.
  • Buyers will have to consider the installation cost.

Final Verdict

The best wall safe on our list, go for this only if you are willing to have a wall safe. To be honest, because of the dearth of competition in the wall safes category this was chosen the best. Because there aren’t many wall safes available online which are fireproof, these are that rare.

6) Honeywell Safes & Door Locks – 2101 Steel Fireproof and Waterproof Security Safe with Dual Dial and Key Lock Protection – Best Safe For Smaller Items

  • Dimensions – 0.52 cubic feet
  • Weight – 72.1 lbs
  • Material – Steel
  • Withstand Temperatures Up to – 1,700° F (926° C) for 1 hour
  • Warranty – Yes (7 years)

Honeywell has made such a mark on home security products that our review cannot be complete without them. This safe, in particular, is stout and heavy, with dimensions that are slightly on the smaller side. Which makes it an ideal choice if you’re looking to store a few important things and not much.

Fireproof for an impressive one hour at 1700, this safe possesses a strong spy-proof lock on the front. This combination dial lock can only be used with an entry key which is provided separately by the manufacturer.

It is an LH licensed product, LH stands for Lewis Hyman Inc. which has partnered with Honeywell and does the manufacturing work for them.

The door hinges are clean and sleek resulting in easier opening/closing of the door.


  • Backed by an impressive 7-year warranty, such warranty periods portrays the trust a manufacturer has in their product.
  • Water-resistant door and cabinet.
  • Double steel wall construction.
  • Spy-proof combination dial lock for better protection.
  • Non-digital safe means less reliance on batteries, less maintenance, and long shelf life compared to digital ones.


  • It cannot fit larger items because of their size.

Final Verdict

Very much suitable for storing smaller items and documents, and the price reflects that. For bigger items go for a product like SentrySafe.

7) Fortress Personal Fireproof Safe – Newly Launched Safe With Advanced Mechanism

  • Dimensions – 11.8 x 15 x 11.8 inches
  • Weight – 46.7 lbs
  • Material – Steel
  • Withstand Temperatures Up to – 1,400° F (815° C) for 30 mins
  • Warranty – Yes (Will have to check with the manufacturer separately)

One of the newly launched safes in the market by Fortress. This is one of the better fireproof safes out there with an advanced programmable digital lock combination. It is something not present in the other safes available online, this is well complemented by its pristine interior which will take utmost care of your valuables.


  • Equipped with an advanced digital lock.
  • Silent entry enabled.
  • Mounting hardware is also included. It also comes with pre-drilled mounting holes.


  • Dimensions could be larger.

Final Verdict

If you want to keep yourself updated with changing technologies then you might like this safe. The advanced lock combination will tempt you to go for this.

8) Digital Electronic Security Safe Box Fireproof Wall-Anchoring Safe Deposit Box
Product Specifications

  • Dimensions – 9 x 6.7 x 6.7 inches
  • Weight – 8.43 lbs
  • Material – Steel
  • Withstand Temperatures Up to – Info not provided
  • Warranty – Yes (One year)

A well-made budget safe fit to store cash, this cashbox is less expensive than bigger safes and provides value for money to the customer. Going by its dimensions this safe looks more like a fireproof box. A big plus with these safes is the fact that they are much lighter than conventional safes.

Being lighter allows them to be placed anywhere in the house with ease. During emergencies, one can run away with this; something which isn’t possible with larger and heavier safes. It does all that and remains fireproof which separates it from the smaller non-fireproof safes in the market.


  • Easy to fit anywhere in the house.
  • Smaller safes like these can be hidden at your convenience.
  • Completely digital safe with emergency keys to open it in case it is sunning on low power.


  • Even though the door is thick the safe overall should be thicker.
  • Fireproof was stated by the manufacturer but exact numbers were not given.

Final Verdict

It might be fireproof for namesake but if this is the last thing you worry about it’s good to go with this. Remember that this safe is meant for smaller items and cash only so consider this.

9) SentrySafe EF4738E Fireproof Waterproof Safe with Digital Keypad – Best Mega Safe

  • Dimensions – 4.7 Cubic foot capacity
  • Weight – 217 lbs
  • Material – Steel
  • Withstand Temperatures Up to – 1,400° F (760° C) for about 30 minutes
  • Warranty – Yes (One year)

It has all the makings of a mega safe, digital combinations – check, lifetime warranty – check, enough space to fit any important items one can think of – check.

Now, these mega safes can be tough on the pocket mind you but sometimes they are the only solution when you are planning to store a lot of items. It is both fire and waterproof which is somewhat expected from such safes.

With five locking bolts and four deadbolts, these are safe as a tank. As with other safes, even these are operated by a digital lock on the front. The shelves inside are built to handle heavy loads without breaking down.


  • Cannot be compared to other safes in terms of dimensions, it is humongous.
  • Can stay waterproof for 72 hours when immersed in water up to a foot deep.
  • The interior of the safe is carpeted.


  • Because of its size, it is almost impossible to hide and needs a dedicated space in the house.

TIP – When such heavy safes arrive, it is important to open them in front of the delivery person. Because of its shipping weight, it can sometimes arrive as a damaged product and you need to be careful if at all that happens.

Final Verdict

Though the most expensive safe on our list, it is not that pricey if the dimensions are taken into consideration. Take this if you need multiple safes as one mega safe is better to handle than several smaller safes.

10) SereneLife Electronic Fingerprint Fire Lock Fireproof Digital Home Combination Box Steel Alloy Drop Safe Includes Keys, SLSFE18FP – Fingerprint Sensor Safe

  • Dimensions – 13.8 x 9.8 x 9.8
  • Weight – 22.7 lbs
  • Material – Steel
  • Withstand Temperatures Up to – Info not provided
  • Warranty – Yes (Contact manufacturer)

The first safe on our list is equipped with a fingerprint sensor. It is possible to store up to twenty different fingerprints to provide access to other users in the house. With dimensions similar to that of a small safe it also has keys that can be used to operate the safe manually.

Since it is battery operated, care needs to be taken to ensure that not only quality batteries are installed but they are changed every year as well.

With two live locking bolts, the door is thick and secure. This safe comes with mounting hardware as well.


  • One of the very few safes with fingerprint sensor technology.


  • The interior can be thicker.
  • Safe’s interior is not carpeted.

Final Verdict

Buy this only if the fingerprint sensor is cool for you.


Is a fireproof safe worth it? Do they work?

Yes, to be honest at this moment a fireproof safe is your best bet to secure valuable items. Fireproof bags and boxes are good too but their use is limited and since people do buy normal safes it is a no-brainer to not go for these by paying a bit extra.

Should I bolt my safe to the floor?

Undoubtedly yes. Even though these safes are heavy that doesn’t mean it should stop you from not bolting them. There’s a reason almost all safes come with the bolting hardware included. Even a 200 plus pound safe can be moved by an expert thief without anyone noticing. Bolting the safe will make the job of a thief much harder and then he will have no choice but to open it from the front. Which by the way should be impossible should you choose a well-made safe.

How heavy should a home safe be?

Anywhere between 50 – 100 pounds is a heavy enough safe to secure items. Though the heavier a safe the better it is overall. Why? A safe becomes heavier because of its overall thickness. For general use, a fireproof safe is anywhere close to 50 -100 pounds this can go all the way up to 200 plus pounds for a bigger safe. Assuming you’re looking for a safe for general use, go for a safe which is closer to 100 pounds.

Who makes the best fireproof safes?

Going solely on reputation and buyer’s trust, Sentry Safe, First Alert & Honeywell are undoubtedly the market leader in this segment. But by no means do we suggest that other safes are not up to the mark.

Amazon recently has launched its safes and it is a hit amongst the buyers. Again it all depends on how much you want to shell. But if in doubt always go with a good brand not just because of their product but because of the after-sales service they provide.

What makes a safe fireproof?

Though all the safes look the same, fireproof safes are a different breed altogether. Almost all the fireproof safes are made of steel and the thicker the walls the better its fireproofing ability. What makes them fireproof is the layers of steel with which they are built. Not only that but they are tested to make sure the interior temperatures are such that the items inside can tolerate it.

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